A cookie is a small data file sent by the websites server to a customers computer.

Our website uses the following type of cookies:

First party cookies:

First party cookies are cookies that are set by the site itself and can only be read by this site. They are strictly necessary to carry out an online service, which the customer has requested.

Third party cookies: 

These are cookies placed on your device by a 3rdparty provider in order to enhance the users experience on our website. 

Name of cookie

Type of cookie

1st or 3rd party



Essential (cart functionality)


Recognises changes to your cart during session


Essential (cart functionality)


Remember what’s in your cart during a session


Non Essential


Used by the online chat facility to track a customers chat history.


Essential cookies

These cookies are necessary for our website to be able to operate. The first party, essential cookies we use are to remember what items you have added to or removed from the shopping cart, and to allow you to checkout successfully.

Non Essential cookies

These cookies are not necessary for our website to be able to operate however they enhance the users shopping experience by enhancing the websites functionality. The only non-essential cookie we use is for our online chat facility, which allows the user the facility to contact our staff through the website instead of having to call.

The chat cookie is used to track a visitors chat history and what the customer has viewed on the website, in order to create a better service for the customer if the customer chooses to make use of the chat facility.

How to accept or reject cookies

You are welcome to block the use of some or all of the cookies we use on our website. However, please be aware that doing so may impair our website and its functionality or may even render some or all of it unusable.

You can choose to have your computer warn you each time a cookie is being sent, or you can choose to turn off all cookies. You do this through your browser (like Internet Explorer) settings. Each browser is a little different, so look at your browser’s Help menu to learn the correct way to modify your cookies.