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Kids Clear™ Detoxifying Clay Baths

What is Kids Clear Detoxifying Clay for Bathing?

Kids Clear™ is a 100% pure pharmaceutical grade sodium bentonite clay that has a very high cation exchange capacity (98-107 meq per 100g on the CEC scale), which means it has a very high ionic surface charge when mixed with warm water.

How does it work?
clay bath mixing

When you mix this clay with water, it creates a large negatively charged surface area.

When the body is in a tub of warm water, the warm water opens up the pores of the skin, and the positively charged toxic particles are drawn through the pores of the skin, to be absorbed by the clay.

Each jar contains 1kg, good for 7-15 baths for children. 
Suggested Bath Frequency: Give your child a bath every 5 to 7 days (or longer).

Please Note: When you prepare a clay bath you are mixing only a small portion of clay (usually 1 to 2 scoops), depending on their age) with water, which gives the bath water a "muddy" look. A common misconception is that the clay bath is thick and gooey. It is not, and it can easily be flushed down the tub drain if you follow the instructions provided.


Gabriele on 15/04/2013 04:33pm
Using the bentonite I had amazing improvements with my son.
His cyclical hypotonia improves visibly with bathrooms or oral administrations of bentonite. Probably the ability to capture the ammonia helps my child to get rid of this poison.This is one of the best ways to reduce its handycap.
Rosalinda M on 12/02/2010 07:54pm
"My grandson was found to have high levels of aluminum and mercury. We have just started giving the clay baths and he simply loved them, even though he is really picky about smells and textures. Everything went just fine, no harsh effects whatsoever. We had previously used an oral chelator from another brand, and my poor grandson was nauseous all the time by the odor he exuded after taking it ... we were all a bit nauseous to be honest, as it was a deep corn smell that penetrated the whole house.

We were thrilled when we found Kids Clear, as it detoxifies and using it is just so pleasant for my grandson."
Cheree E on 12/02/2010 07:53pm
"I am writing a message to let you know how pleased I am with your [clay] product, which I purchased for my 7 year old son. I skeptically but hopefully ordered your Kids Clear betonite clay bath. I am so happy to tell you I can see a difference in my son's speech and interaction. I will continue to use your product and will keep you posted on his progress. This is making a tremendous difference in his life. Thank you."
Darlene R on 12/02/2010 07:48pm
"We are extremely happy with the results we are seeing from the Kids Clear clay baths. Our son has just completed his 6th bath. The change is definitely noticable in his speech output, happiness, and social connectiveness. Others are noticing as well; they are asking what we've done and we are referring them to your website. Thank you!"
Nelda H on 12/02/2010 07:46pm
"I have a severely autistic child, who's teacher at school found your website and told me about it. We bought the Kids Clearâ„¢ clay baths and the Kids Chelatâ„¢ drops. Wow! By just giving him the clay bath, we could see how much calmer he was. His teacher said he was eager to do things at school. I mean, we have gone from a child that slams cupboards and jumps all day long, to a child that can sit on the couch and watch a show, and find ways to entertain himself. He is so much happier.

I love the products. I am also starting my older child on it because he might have ADHD. I'll let you know how it works. Thank you so much."
Anonymous - London on 10/02/2010 08:08am
Our son has been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome.
After a clay bath our son would have an initial detox phase of hyperactivity that would normally subside after a day followed by a few days of clarity. We found that the best way to use this product would be a bath once every two weeks during a weekend so that the detox phase would end by the time he returned to school.

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