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Lipolife® commissioned an independent, simple, yet comprehensive report on the bioavailability of 1g of liposomal Vitamin C (Lipolife® Gold) compared to 1g of non-liposomal oral Vitamin C.

Just 1g of Lipolife® Gold produced a peak plasma level of 282.3 µM/L.

No other liposomal product has been proven to achieve this level of absorption with just 1g of Vitamin C.

- Lipolife® is one of very few brands of liposomal supplements to prove significantly higher absorption than standard oral Vitamin C supplements.

- Lipolife® has proven the presence of uniform, nanosized liposomes in their Vitamin C.

- Lipolife® was the first UK brand to switch to China Free Vitamin C as the raw material in its products.
Quali-C is proudly manufactured in Scotland and is the ONLY Vitamin C not made in China

- Just 5ml of Lipolife® Gold contains 1000mg of Vitamin C.  1 bottle = 50 doses.


Per 5ml serving % DV
Vitamin C (Quali-C)
(as sodium and potassium ascorbate)
1000mg 1250%

Other ingredients
Phosphatidylcholine derived from non GMO soy lecithin, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E (antioxidant), Potassium Sorbate (preservative), water, traces of Ethanol and Glycerol.

Take 5ml per day, pour into a small amount of water or juice, drink on an empty stomach at least 15 minutes before eating.
The supplement can also be taken neat.
Store in a cool, dry place. Product can also be refrigerated.

*All synthetic Vitamin C is manufactured in China.  Quali-C is the world's first branded Vitamin C, produced in a world-class DSM-owned facility in Scotland.


Marinela Singeorzan on 21/06/2019 06:10pm
liposomal vitamin C Lipolife® Gold is a truly qualitative product I have been using for a year and for me it is essential since I am doing chemotherapy.
Sarah on 30/05/2014 09:09pm
This stuff is fantastic I used the apple one for my son who had a cough for 4 months and nothing would shift it, just 4 days on Liposomal vit c and it was cleared, also now using the gold one for my dog who has bone cancer , seen an improvement in his energy etc, so finger crossed it will help his body fight the cancer
Waqar on 04/12/2013 05:00pm
My sister used Liposomal Vit C, together with Organic Sulfur Crystals (MSM) as a Trojan carrier for treating her brain mets from her primary cancer. It worked very effectively. 70% shrinkage in 3 months. Took 6,000 mg per day.
Linda on 31/01/2013 02:54pm
I'm taking this for cancer, I've been researching liposomal vit c,apparently it's nearly as good as intravenous vit c which is being used for cancer patients. I'm on raw diet and taking other supplements. It does as another reviewer said taste slightly soapy but its not too bad I put it in some coconut water well hope it works I just believe natural things in the right order works with your body

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